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What We Believe

Lake City First Methodist has a 150 year history of holding to the traditional, evangelical understanding of the Christian faith.  We are grateful to the saints who have preceded us in faithful living.

We follow the literal historical, and grammatical perspective of Scripture interpretation, claiming the Bible’s supernatural nature and influence in our lives.

Our practice is to accept and love all people, while preaching the need for repentance of sin and the redemption of Christ for each soul.

We use the orthodox teachings of the church to connect with the traditions of our founding fathers and mothers, and we work to perpetuate the Christian faith within those doctrinal cornerstones.

People who are looking for hope and joy and peace and truth and meaning in Life, can join with us and find a powerful fellowship of disciples, as we are each growing like Christ in our Christian character.

Make our family your family as we all are part of the family of God.

Our Mission

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